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we could approach organizational leadership and staff development with curiosity and wonder?

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Who We Are

RGW is a boutique consulting practice skilled at guiding individuals and groups on an inquisition of curiosity and wonder about their goals and passions, particularly as it pertains to decolonization and deconstruction of systems that marginalize historically underserved and/or underrepresented people groups.

Get Curious:

Create A Movement!

Most people only ask themselves the initial questions that often lead to MAINTENANCE OF THE STATUS QUO.

Our SUPERPOWER is evoking intentionality toward growth and transformation.

Our Methodology


Born out of a desire to interrupt racism, bias, and injustice, RGW Consulting runs on a determination to reimagine the way we approach diversity, equity, and inclusion.


With sheer wit, a bit of levity, and the significance of storytelling in mind, RGW engages its participants in the preliminary work of metacognition, self-reflection, and equipping participants with mindfulness practices that lead to a more healthful engagement of humanity in DEI content.


Curating a custom path to transformation through a commitment to truth, vulnerability, and transparency, RGW Consulting supports clients in holding the tension between the deep and difficult work ahead, and the care required to face the challenges associated with DEI.

Why You're Here

  • You are a leader/organization who takes humanity seriously and wants to ask CHALLENGING questions, creating an environment the embodies its equity centered values.
  • You want every person to feel valued based on how you operate & function.
  • You need an honest and objective take on the vibrancy of your organizational culture and a way to further enhance it.

You have rightly been focused on the mission and vision...

but you have inadvertently lost sight of

what it takes to acquire, support, and flourish human talent of various backgrounds with a diverse set of needs.

Why We're Different

We must first learn how to see the impact our own biases and monoliths have on how we show up in the world. This increases our effectiveness in managing ourselves and leading with others.

RGW earnestly takes on the preparatory work of ensuring readiness to engage an Equitable Organizational Culture (EOC), knowing this will result in implementation that is consistently more effective and enduring.

Getting Started


Let's connect and see if we are a good fit for each other!


We need to get truly clear on where we are, to create lasting transformation.


We'll craft a proposal, based on your organization's goals and guided by our research & diagnostics.


After we've mapped your journey to transformation, its time to take action.

If you're ready to make change and get curious... let's do this!

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Reimaging & Generating Wonder

Reesheda Graham Washington Consulting

My name is

Reesheda Graham Washington

& I'm ready to get curious with you!

Reesheda Graham Washington is an entrepreneurial consultant with over 10 years of experience in providing mission inspired, intersectional leadership that invites equity for all using efficacious, asset-based approaches.

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