Reesheda Graham Washington is a speaker, author, facilitator, and entrepreneur. The executive director of Communities First Alliance, Reesheda drives the national mission of multiplying asset-based community development, economic development, and equity (ABCDE²) in both faith-based and non-faith based contexts. Reesheda is also the CEO of L!VE Café, an artisanal destination coffeeshop that serves as a community hub for courageous, authentic and abundant living experiences. Co-author of Soul Force: Seven Pivots toward Courage, Community, and Change, Reesheda & Shawn Casselberry penned this book as a guide to transformational living. It is from these roles that Reesheda speaks, coaches, consults, and facilitates to inspire holistic and abundant lifestyles and healthy, vibrant, and sustainable organizations.

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Speaker, Author, Facilitator, Entrepreneur.

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It is by faith and through God’s grace that Reesheda Graham Washington currently serves as the Executive Director of Communities First Association, a national, faith-based, nonprofit organization that specializes in the multiplication of sustainable practices in asset-based community development, driven by indigenous leadership, based on the community’s felt and expressed needs. A rising member of The Alliance to End Hunger, an organization committed to engaging diverse institutions to build the public and political will to end hunger, both at home and abroad, Reesheda is passionate about the obliteration of systemic challenges facing traditionally marginalized people groups. Reesheda also serves on the Paul Carlson Partnership Board of Directors, a 501(c)(3) organization that catalyzes the growth of self-sustaining families and communities in places of deep poverty in Central Africa. Working together with partners in Africa and elsewhere, the Partnership invests in local efforts in medical and economic development.

A professional organizational leader who has served in education, denomination, and nonprofit administration, Reesheda is skilled in conservative financial management as well as innovations in creative solutions.

A former education leader in Chicago Public Schools, Reesheda has expertise in curriculum creation, design, and implementation, as well as in the creation and management of culture and climate that facilitates growth and success for all. Her collaborative leadership style, coupled with her professional implementation of efficient, effective, streamlined systems, has resulted in organizational reforms in educational, denominational, and communal development. A laser-like focus on transformational leadership, Reesheda espouses to facilitation and coaching methodologies of talent management to ensure sustainable organizational growth and capacity.

Having both served and gleaned from multiple national and international organizations and partners, Reesheda leans into a network of resources that allows for rich partnerships resulting in viable, solutions-oriented, strategic planning and execution. Her experience as a former resident of New Leaders and her current participation in Christian Community Development Association’s (CCDA) Over 40 Leadership Cohort underscores her passion for collaboratively framed learning opportunities. These experiences also inspire her emphasis on polarity management and prayerful mind in administration and leadership.

Reesheda balances the implementation of strategy and leverage of relationships in development and advancement initiatives that often lead to diversified models of return on investments. As Director of Mission Mobilization and Connection in tandem with the Evangelical Covenant Church and World Vision with a plan that leaned heavily into relational touches, Reesheda led the acquisition of over $3 million dollars committed to the obliteration of poverty in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Reesheda has a bachelor’s degree in English Literature, as well as a master’s degree in English and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership. She is certified to teach secondary school and certified in education administration. Reesheda is a licensed minister in the Evangelical Covenant Church, and completed her practicum in Christian Life Coaching in April, 2015.

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