Our Team

Reesheda Graham Washington

CEO and Principal Consultant

Reesheda N. Graham Washington currently serves as the CEO & Principal Consultant of RGW Consulting, LLC. Ms. Graham Washington is a serial entrepreneur and an experienced educator, having taught at Proviso East, Proviso West, New Trier and Oak Park and River Forest High Schools. As a New Leaders trained administrator, Ms. Graham Washington served as a principal in the Academy of Urban School Leadership and was the founding school principal for Plato Learning Academy, a CPS contract school that is still in operation in the Austin community. Ms. Graham Washington also served as an assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction with an education management organization in Chicago, where she was responsible for the oversight and direction of nine elementary and secondary schools and their administrations.

An executive coach, and co-author of Soul Force: Seven Pivots to Courage, Community, and Change, Reesheda focuses her efforts on initiatives that touch on subjects of equity, appropriation, contemplative mindfulness, peace-making, and reconciliatory practices, as well as organizational leadership, strategic development, and organizational change. She speaks at conferences throughout the country on these topics, and is a bit of a world traveler, having studied the lives of people & the context of communities and organizations in the Congo, South Africa, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Canada, Israel, Palestine, and, of course, the United States.

Reesheda is an integral stakeholder in organizations such as Oak Park & River Forest Community Foundation’s Leadership Lab, The Race Conscious Dialogues, and Community of Congregations. In her spare time, Reesheda neighbors, enjoys her four daughters (three of whom are now adults), writes, reads, paints, cooks, listens to music, travels, and dabbles in the study of languages.

Miki L. Grace

Creative Consultant

Often referred to as a woman of depth, wit, and empathy, Miki L. Grace finds her purpose in helping people and businesses reach their full potential. As a speaker and visionary leader, and professional business innovator, Miki uses her creativity and resourcefulness to help solopreneurs, non profit leaders, small to medium size enterprises and young adults transform for the future and achieve sustainability. Over the years, Miki has served and worked in grassroots, faith-based, government and national organizations across the country.

Along the way, she has nurtured the skills and relationships to empower a reservoir of talent resulting in viable opportunities, solution oriented design, strategic idea generation, and a means for growth and effectiveness. Miki is a proud advocate for young adults and enjoys teaching, coaching, and inspiring young people whenever possible. She is a graduate of Northern Illinois University where she studied Political Science, Community Leadership, Civic Engagement and Black Studies. When she’s not working, Miki loves to engage in thought provoking conversations, explore music, film, online communities, and the possibilities that lie within all kinds of new ideas.

Miki directly serves our clients by leading the implementation of equitable communications planning and strategy, collaborating with the RGW team on auditing for equity in policy and programming, and in the collaborative process of creating professional development experiences and implementing workshop training and facilitation.

Benjamin Henning

Catalyst Consultant

Having served in the retail industry for decades, Benjamin Henning has the skills and expertise necessary to execute on demand in the retail arena, and he does it with diversity, equity, and inclusion at the center of his logistics, operations, protocols, policies, and procedural development and implementation strategies.

An impeccable listener, Ben transitioned from his former roles as Director of Special Projects at Shift Transit Canada and as the Director of Retail for Under Armour to quell his deep desire to tie his operational expertise to work that centers equity for all.

A key lead in RGW Consulting as it pertains to the implementation of comprehensive discovery protocol strategies and the collection and analysis of data associated with our Cultural Agility Assessment Tool, Ben is masterful in his execution of mining for assets that uncover the most expressed felt needs of organizations on the DEI landscape.

Ben is also responsible for collaborating with the RGW team on auditing for equity in policy and programming, and in the collaborative process of creating professional development experiences and implementing workshop training and facilitation. His keen sense of curiosity and wonder often leads us to the most robust analysis of our clients’ best way forward with equity at the heart of the strategy!

Virginia Bloom

Associate Trainer

Virginia’s belief that we can learn from anyone if we decide to do so makes her a great Associate Trainer for RGW. Along with her inspirational beliefs, Virginia brings a wealth of knowledge to the training space by leaning on her experience as a Library Trustee and Anti-Racism Advisory Team Representative. Virginia enjoys singing with her a cappella group, baking cupcakes with her son, drinking more coffee than is necessary, and starting another book before finishing the one on her nightstand. Her educational background includes a Master’s in Diplomacy from the University of Nottingham in Nottingham, UK.

Khiry Johnson

Associate Trainer

Khiry “Kyrie Da Comic” Johnson is an international comedic motivational speaker born and raised on the west side of Chicago. Motivated by his undergrad experience at Northern Illinois University, Khiry went on to study at The Second City Training of Chicago. Combining his newly honed skills with his passion for helping others, he went on to partner with several local NGOs throughout the Chicagoland area. “Edutainment” and “Artivism” are embedded in speeches, coupled with eccentric hosting and passions for making the world a better place.

Bryant Warren

Associate Trainer

Bryant C. Warren is a passionate advocate for those who feel voiceless. In his passion for advocating, he has served affiliates of a National Teacher Union to assist educators in advocating for high-quality public schools, negotiating collective bargaining agreements, and organizing political action. Bryant recently graduated with a Master of Divinity which has freed up time for him to do more of what he loves, read, watch movies, and spend time with his family. Bryant is happily married to Takara and is the proud father of two daughters, Brianna and Micaiah.

Venoncia Bate-Ambrus

Associate Trainer

Venoncia is a visionary leader with a passion for people and the programs that empower them. As a mission-oriented, margin-conscious professional, Venoncia delivers high quality programs, trainings products and services to organizations and communities. Venocia has substantial experience in strategic planning, diversity, equity and inclusion and stakeholder engagement and proactively identifies needs and brings partners to consensus on how to address them.