Starting Up Now SunTalks: Monetizing Your Value

Reesheda Graham Washington, Founder and CEO of L!VE 2, LLC discusses the obstacles entrepreneurs face monetizing their gifts and services.

A God Who is With Us: Posturing Toward a Better World

During a special Martin Luther King Jr. Day chapel service at Northwestern College in Iowa Reesheda Graham Washington explores the power of being with others in community. This sermon helps us consider the ways in which our presence can serve as a means for others to unlock their gifts and talents. 

Beyond Sunday Podcast: Soul Force, Interview with Reesheda Graham Washington and Shawn Casselberry

On Episode 20 of the Beyond Sunday Podcast, Pastor David interviews Reesheda Graham Washington and Shawn Casselberry co-authors of Soul Force: Seven Pivots Toward Courage, Community, and Change. After the interview, the Beyond Sunday team breaks down the conversation and discusses implications for our daily lives. How is God calling you to “pivot” in your own life? And what might our individual pivots mean for the larger church?

CBF Conversations Podcast: Authors of Soul Force

For the authors of Soul Force: Seven Pivots toward Courage, Community, and Change, pivoting is an invitation to change direction on how we interact in our communities. Centering on seven pivots, Reesheda Graham Washington and Shawn Casselberry invite readers into a life of courage and compassion.

Jesus’ Trusted Ten

This sermon examines the importance of authenticity as we share the story of Jesus and how having relationships that ensure accountability makes room for our growth across our weaknesses and differences.

TEDx Oak Park Women: Reesheda Graham Washington

Reesheda presents the idea that the world change we all desire requires a movement. Everything we need to create this movement is inside of us. With just seven small pivots in how we LIVE, we can create the constellation for change we so deeply desire.

From Charity to Change and From Maintenance to Movement

This sermon, co-preached by authors Reesheda Graham Washington and Shawn Casselberry, explores the outflow of SoulForce in our lives and how Jesus calls us to move from just offering charity to reforming the postures and systems that caused the need for charity in the first place.

Facing Hurt & Experiencing Healing

Hurt takes many forms, and our hearts and minds can take a long time to unravel and heal. Today we're taking a deeper look into the hurt we all carry, how we can face it and experience healing so that we can bring healing to the world.

Pivots Toward Courage, Community, and Change

What is Soul Force? The concept derives from the Hindi word satyagraha. "Soul Force" finds a full expression in nonviolent resistance that was rooted in Jesus and lived out by many courageous people throughout history, such as Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.