On Episode 20 of the Beyond Sunday Podcast, Pastor David interviews Reesheda Graham Washington and Shawn Casselberry co-authors of Soul Force: Seven Pivots Toward Courage, Community, and Change. After the interview, the Beyond Sunday team breaks down the conversation and discusses implications for our daily lives. How is God calling you to “pivot” in your own life? And what might our individual pivots mean for the larger church?

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It seemed pretty simple…

Patrick had an idea: start a podcast that gives people in our community a way to connect to faith every day. This idea sparked months of conversation, prayer, and research by the Beyond Sunday team. After kicking the idea around and sharing the dream with others it became clear that it was time for the idea to become reality. In October 2018 Beyond Sunday launched our first podcast. David Bauser, Katie Phillips, and Patrick Nazaroff bring over 40 years of combined experience in ministry and education to the table as they try to make faith a part of our daily lives. No question is too big and no territory is off limits. Sunday mornings are great. The Beyond Sunday team hopes you have a community of worship that you call home.