By Andy Hale 

When I hear the word “pivot,” I cannot help but to recall the scene from the 10-season sitcom Friends, in which Ross tries to move his new couch into his apartment. To recall your memory of the scene or to be unfortunately introduced to this awful NBC show of the 1990’s, click here.

For the authors of Soul Force: Seven Pivots toward Courage, Community, and Change, pivoting is an invitation to change direction on how we interact in our communities. Centering on seven pivots, Reesheda Graham Washington and Shawn Casselberry invite readers into a life of courage and compassion.

Soul Force is a wonderfully penned work that tackles some of the biggest obstacles in the religious and societal landscape with deep, thoughtful, and wonderfully simplistic application.

We sat down with the authors to discuss their new book and their vocations in Chicago. Reesheda Graham Washington is the executive director of Communities First Association, a faith-based nonprofit committed to asset-based community development. Shawn Casselberry is the executive director for Mission Year.

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