Beyond Sunday Podcast: Soul Force, Interview with Reesheda Graham Washington and Shawn Casselberry

On Episode 20 of the Beyond Sunday Podcast, Pastor David interviews Reesheda Graham Washington and Shawn Casselberry co-authors of Soul Force: Seven Pivots Toward Courage, Community, and Change. After the interview, the Beyond Sunday team breaks down the conversation and discusses implications for our daily lives. How is God calling you to “pivot” in your own life? And what might our individual pivots mean for the larger church?

CBF Conversations Podcast: Authors of Soul Force

For the authors of Soul Force: Seven Pivots toward Courage, Community, and Change, pivoting is an invitation to change direction on how we interact in our communities. Centering on seven pivots, Reesheda Graham Washington and Shawn Casselberry invite readers into a life of courage and compassion.

RePlacing Church Podcast: Reesheda Graham Washington & Community Transformation

Reesheda Graham Washington joins me to talk about returning and giving back to the neighborhood she grew up in, learning “Asset Based Community Development” from the innate practices of her Great-Grandmother and African ancestors, social entrepreneurship risks and funding, her latest venture (L!VE Cafe), and the one thing she wants the church to hear from her as a black woman.