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Curate a custom path to transformation in DEI with us.  Together we will hold the tension between the deep and difficult work ahead, and the care required to face the challenges associated with DEI.

Our Services


As trainers, we take learners on a journey of inquisition while also increasing the capacity to embody more equitable practices. RGW provides a variety of options for implementing DEI training within your organization or community. Our delivery methods and curricula make equity attainable from comprehension to accessibility.

  • Live In Person
  • Live Zoom
  • E-Course: The RGW Online Experience
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Consulting Experiences

With a keen awareness of equitable practices at the core of what we articulate, RGW consults with various companies and organization to revisit policies and procedures related to operations, communications, Human Resources, and talent acquisition and management to maximize leadership, share power, voice, and space, and ensure a greater sense of access and inclusion for all.

  • Policy Audits
  • Communications & Marketing Audits
  • Equitable and Inclusive Aesthetic Space Design
    • Connect with RGW to assist you in designing the form and function of equitable and inclusive spaces. From art and decor selection to inclusive user experiences.
  • Community Engagement
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Custom Experiences

RGW has a knack for turning imagination into manifestation! We design and cultivate curiosity and wonder! From our own experiences like The Journey Together and The RGW Online Experience, to your very own custom created curricula and promotional materials, RGW ensures equitable representation in all of its custom-curated products and services.

  • The Journey Together
  • Conference Booth Curation & Design
  • Video Content Development & Production
  • Podcast Curation & Production
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With an emphasis on deconstruction, decolonization, and liberation, RGW founds its coaching in devising curious questions that evoke wonder and consideration from clients in ways that catalyze their agency toward individual and organizational innovation. RGW offers integrative coaching techniques that help clients become generative and innovative both personally and professionally in their leadership and in their lives.

  • Life Coaching
  • Executive/Leadership Coaching
  • DEI Embodiment Coaching
  • Small Group Coaching (departmental/organizational)
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RGW understands the niche talent of facilitation as distinct from training, coaching, and even consulting. Focusing on the goals and objectives as indicated by the client, we make the space of time and grace for participants to lean into their vulnerability, integrity, and reflections to navigate difficult situations, relationships, and challenges, both interpersonally, strategically, organizationally, and corporately.

  • Grief & Lament Facilitation
  • Restorative and Reconciliatory Practices
  • Employee Mediation
  • Affinity Group Facilitation
  • Process Observation & Analysis from a DEI lens
  • Moderating
  • Woman of Color Salon: Talk Backs & Book Talks Curated by RGW
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Speaking & Writing

Our entire team is skilled across industries to address topics of justice, equity, and anti-racism. In large groups or small, RGW applies its knowledge of DEI in the fields of education, library science, marketing, UXD, aesthetics/design/space-making, entrepreneurship, community development and engagement, and executive leadership, just to name a few. We use our collective written and audible voices, rooted in DEI practices to connect strategies and agency to ideas and concepts, and we do it with a bit of levity, humility, and curiosity.

  • Keynote
  • Podcast Guest
  • Editorial Contributor
  • Panel Participant
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