See how people have been impacted by Reesheda Graham Washington's work


“Reesheda introduced it [Asset Based Community Development] in a whole different manner, especially when she added E2 [Economic Development and Equity] to it. We had been looking at that, the economic part of the development in our community and the equity as far as health equity goes, for sure. But she just trained us so differently and had us looking through a different lens to see this, not as a model, but this needs to be stage zero for all of our work. So no matter what program we’re implementing, this has to be stage zero…this becomes a lifestyle…We wore a different lens that we weren’t looking through before. So, it opened us up to a whole ‘nother world.”

- Brian Williams
Executive Director, Community Partnership, Kansas City, KS

1:1 Coaching

“Coaching with Reesheda Graham Washington has been a life-altering experience. She has been an intentional agitator of my growth process. It is because of her agitation that I am employed to empower and ignite the community I live in to grow as assets rather than liabilities.”

- Kescia
Tallahassee, FL
- Dorcas and Wes Foley
Lancaster, PA

“Reesheda’s coaching has provided me with a trusting environment to express my joys, fears, dreams, and insecurities without judgment. She continually helps me to discover and articulate my values and deconstruct the areas of my life that I don’t wish to hold onto. Because of Reesheda’s coaching, I’ve grown in life, confidence, and perspective, and each time we connect, I gain greater power and ownership of my well-being.”

- Alicia
Columbus, OH

Group Coaching

“Reesheda is one of the most compassionate and authentic people I know. She’s a very good listener and creates an environment where I feel vulnerable enough to share some of the deepest parts of myself without fear of judgment from her or the group. I can ask for assistance on anything in my life: dating, work-life balance, family, etc., and Reesheda responds with professionalism, poise, and style! I have no regrets!”

- Saajidah
Chicago, IL


- Eliza Cortes Bast
Coordinator of Local Missional Engagement, Reformed Church in America

Curriculum Development

“I am so grateful to have spent several days in a space where tensions were centered in the curriculum as realities to be named and acknowledged, and spaces for learning and growth. Reesheda modeled for us the kind of courage and vulnerability that comes from sitting in the places that are difficult, and I hope we can humbly do justice to her example as we move forward with this work.”

- Brenna Case
L'Arche US

Race Equity

“Reesheda is a brilliant facilitator that inspires trust and is committed to ensuring that everyone, no matter their race, background or experience, feels valued, heard, and respected. She wove personal stories, history, deep (and sometimes painful) reflection and humor into an interactive experience that I found challenging, encouraging, and eager for our next time together.”

- Kirsten Strand
Associate Director of Donor Relations, Breakthrough Urban Ministries, Chicago, IL


“Reesheda Graham Washington’s work with us on equity, diversity, and inclusion, given as part of our in-person training for local host site supervisors, was transformational for us, both as individuals and as professionals, and dramatically improved our programs a well as our overall ability to serve communities better and more deeply. She brought a magic into the room that overcame defensive instincts and strategically centered a kind of broad-spectrum empathy that has changed the way we approach our work and our organization’s mission in the best way.”

- Dawn Farthing
Director, Rebuilding Together, Washington DC